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4 Things You Can Expect From Me As Your Trainer

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

Hi, it's Emily and I would love to be your new trainer. These are things you can expect from me as your trainer. Questions? Comment below!

I'll Listen

I want you to share your goals with me, so that I can help you achieve them. I want to hear about your fitness, past, present and future, so that I can build the perfect workout for you.


You can expect that I will hold you accountable. If you tell me your goals, I'll make you a workout plan and help you reach them. I'll make sure you're getting the most out of your sessions in the studio and give you the tools you need to create a healthy lifestyle.


I love to laugh and that carries into work with me. Let's enjoy our time together! Whether bad dad jokes or laughing through the burn, you're going to get lots of smiles and laughter during our time together.


My personality inside and outside the gym aren't that much different. Case in point: I'm a pusher. I will push you to believe in yourself, to give it your all, and remind you that your results are determined by your efforts. I will help you improve, tell you when you're killing it and have compassion when you have an off workout/day/week.

I'm a people person at heart with a love for fitness and I want to share it all with you. Please contact me at to schedule a consultation. You can workout 1-on-1 with me in studio, with me and a friend, with me in a group setting, or even train with me virtually!

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