Live Virtual Training

Live Virtual Training (LVT) brings the training session to you! Our all new LVT Platform lets you exercise in the comfort of your own home while still having the professional guidance and accountability of a personal trainer. Buy, schedule, and connect for a great training session!

To get started with your LVT Session

 Fill out the form, then book and buy your session online using the window below. We will then reach out with the information to connect for our video chat based session.    

What you need

  A simple set of resistance bands would be perfect to start.  Any exercise equipment is great, but not necessary.

Our system uses Skype to connect. Click on the button below to check if your devices are compatible. If not, contact us and we can work with you to provide other options.  

Book and Buy

After filling out the form above, purchase and schedule your session with our online booking tool. Search day and time and pay for your session when you book!


New to the system? 

After you find your day and time that works best, click the create account button after you confirm yous appointment.

LVT Session details

LVT Sessions are sold individually 

$30 per session

45 Minute Duration

Sessions expire 30 days after purchase

Sessions canceled within 24 hrs of start are not refundable