Connect with one of our great instructors in our classroom. Our instructors education, experience, and passion make the difference in really getting the most out of of your experience.


Schedule your workout and get to it! Work Flow is an efficient 30 min. workout built to give you what you need. Track your progress with monthly goal based challenges and see the result. This primary resistance based workout rotates each month between goals; Weight loss, Energy Boost, and Strength give you the perfect balance of looking good and feeling good! Our system uses a combination of trainers and technology to give you the guidance or freedom you want to get your workout in.  Check the schedule for trainers


Saturday morning F.L.E.X. is our chance to deep dive into exercise.  This 50 min. class focuses on the details of the workout to better your understanding and broaden your knowledge.  We limit the class size to 4 people for a more personal atmosphere. 

F.L.E.X. 1

Just starting or needing a little more help, this class is the basics of exercise.  It is a great place to get your feet wet and educate yourself so you understand how to get a safe and effective workout.

F.L.E.X. 2 

Wanting a little more?  F.L.E.X. 2 pushed you deeper down the rabbit hole with different programs and more technical exercises.  Challenge yourself with different styles of lifting, training, and protocols.

New Clients

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$65 / month after $10 sign up fee, auto draft, no class limit, no term commitment, click the button below for details before you schedule your first class. See full terms and conditions upon sign up.

Class details

  • Classes open 30 days from the current day

  • Must cancel 6 hrs before the start of class

  • Cancellations within 6 hrs are subject to a $5 late cancel fee

  • Sign up up to the start of class

  • Arrive 5 min. prior to class for set up.  

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